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Shop Online and Get Paid with Coupay

127x127xcoup_36.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ImImMOizf_A lot of people agree that shopping is a fun thing to do with big pleasure. At the time we want or need something, it must be great that the thing is available to buy. It will be greater when we can get a special price for the thing we hunt. It means that the shopping time becomes much more pleasurable. This could be one of some reasons why people feel comfortable to shop online. Basically, it does not require us to go physically and it really saves time. Besides, the possible discounts when shopping online becomes much greater than before. It means that online shopping with much cheaper prices will double the fun moment.
One of the effective ways to get special prices in online shopping is by coupons. They are provided by some brands for certain items to attract more buyers to buy. It happens to the sellers who offer similar items or services to win the competition in getting as many buyers as possible. It is not shocking that the buyers seem to have identical competition that many of them are trying to get the coupons just to make sure that they will be able to buy the items or services they need as affordable as possible. If we belong to that kind of buyer, then, we need to such a reference of how and where to get the coupons. In this case, we should try to find the website that offers various coupons from Men’s apparel to toys and games categories.
Now, is it possible that we can shop online, use the coupon, and get cash from what we have bought? Well, the answer is a big yes for the question. From the best website, we can buy items on our favorite brands and get cash. Here is the secret; we just need to shop online as usual and the website will pay us from the commission they get from add, banner, or text link. It means that the website here is willing to share the commission with the buyers so that everyone will be the winner. Isn’t it interesting?
As a recommendation, we can go to Coupay for that kind of interesting offer. What we need to remember is that we should join the website and shop as normal. The next, the website will tract and calculate the cashback based on the chosen retailer. Finally, when we make deal with the retailer, we will get the money. Just follow the link to join for free.

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Look of the day: 20121009

Hey hey,

Today I was in the press conference (though it was very short, like 15 minutes long) dedicated to Fashion Infection 2012 autumn. There was a short introduction of what we should expect from this year’s event, what designers will be there. We have received a very beautiful CD in an even more beautiful envelope, where lies the most important information. It was fun and the nicest thing is that I met some familiar faces: Inga from Style Makes Sense, Daria from Luscious Style and Kotryna from Funk. We talked a bit and done some photos together. : ))

P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway in collaboration with Tattoo For A Week! : ))

Black leather jacket: thrifted
Zara floral shirt: www.romwe.com
Brown skirt: thrifted
Lace-up clogs: www.asos.com
Multi colored necklace: www.ebay.com
Casio gold watch: www.ebay.com
Black studded bottom bag: www.vj-style.com

I’m off now, for some more Gossip Girl episodes (I’ve already watched half of the 5th season (and past 4 seasons too, obviously) !) and then an episode of Terra Nova (I don’t know why, but I really like this serial ;DD)
Talk to you soon,
Brigitte : ))

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Attending the Fashion Show – The Advantages

attending fashion showGreat times may have different meaning for different person. Many of them think that a great means having a party while the other think that having a great time is spending time watching movies or reading a book. But something that not many people know that having a good time for me means going a fashion show.

You might think that going to a fashion show is just for designers, models and fashion addicts. Unfortunately that fact is no longer being true. There are some of my friends become fashion show addicts after their first time attendance on a fashion. They begin to think that attending fashion is not just sitting couple of hours and then watching the beautiful models walking down the catwalk. They finally found some useful activities and values besides sitting and watching.

My friend states that he got some ideas related to the latest fashion trend after attending the fashion show. Although he is not interested in all the fashion that every model is wearing, at least he gets inspiration to update his wardrobe and make it unique. Besides that, my friend finally has a quality time with his family and friends in the moment. They laugh together with his family and friends about some model that wearing such kind of lion mask.

The most important thing is that my friend can meet many people with the same passion with electronic cigarette in his hand. It is a pride and very good experience to meet some famous designers and talking about what they did recently and what they are going to do in the future related to the fashion field.

If you think it is a good idea in spending your time, you can come to the fashion show that held in your town. You don’t need to worry about anything. Everything will be fine. All you need to do is just to mingle with people around you. It will be great when you have cigarette in your pocket. We know that it is a great way to mingle with people. But before deciding what cigarette you want to bring, make sure you have read electronic cigarette review in order to get ideas what cigarette to bring in your first time fashion show attendance.

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